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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Got tangled necklaces? I got a cute solution!

Hi lovely ladies!

I took this idea from my gorgeous sis in law Norma.  Thank you Noni!

Don't you hate it when your long necklaces get all tangled and they are impossible to get them ready for you to wear.  Well, this might work for you.  All you need is:

1. A small curtain rod--I purchased at Ross for $5.99
2. You necklaces...
3. A designated space to do this

My hubby put it up for me in my closet.  It looks nice and my necklaces are always ready for me to wear.  You can even put it behind a door or any little corner.... Give it a try!  Enjoy your untangled necklaces!

Take care!  Besos!


  1. great idea!!! I like that, I need to find a space for it. mil gracias!!

  2. Hi Gladys! Thanks for stopping by.... I love to share anything that can benefit another mujer! De nada....