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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remember my frame project! It is finally done!

Happy Tuesday!

Can you believe it's the mid of August already?  Time is flying by... When we least expected it will be December again.  OMG! Anyway,  I finally finished my frame project.  I wanted to share it with my blog friends & family.  I love the outcome!  What do you think of it?
I purchased the small clothes pins at the dollar store( $1.00), printing the pics at walmart ($4.00), the frame $1.50 at savers, blue spray paint $3.99 wth a grand total of $10.49.  I already had guitar wire, so I used that.  You canuse any wire that you can nail to the back of the frame.  And of course, my hubby already had the nails. 
This is so cool because you can rotate pics from holidays, or any other event.  I have so many projects in my head... and so little time...

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