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Friday, July 29, 2011

Keeping our beautiful Spanish in our kids' lives! Mantener nuestro hermoso idioma con nuestros hijos!

Buenos Dias Mujeres!

Who knows this song? Los Pollitos dicen?  It brings me so many memories. It made me smile! I bought it for my kiddos!  Here is the link to purchase:
Today, it's lazy Friday at my work and have lots of free time... Yay!  Blogging time!  So, you will have several posts from me today.
Bueno, my first language is Spanish and I love my language.  As a bilingual mujer, I feel blessed to be able to communicate, dream, think and live in two different languages.  Even, if my grammar in Spanish it's not as advanced... I still enjoy it!
 As a momma, I would like for my kids to feel the same.  I would love for them to embrace and love it as much as I do.  However, I catch myself speaking more English with them.  My daugther (Grecia) spoke only Spanish for her first 3 years. Once, she got to preschool, her English starting flowing.  Now, she is speaks both and I feel like she is so lucky.  In the other hand, my boy (Bautista) speaks more English.  I blame myself for that.  It was easier and I was lazy.  I feel so guilty.  From now on, I make this a commitment to keep my language live in my Casita and I will do my best. 
I found some great websites and blogs that will help me succeed and I hope all you Latina mommas do the same.  Wish me luck and let our Spanish keep on flowing!
This is an excellent website that will come in handy for the mommas that decide to have bilingual kiddos!  Good Luck!

¿Quién sabe esta canción? ¿Los Pollitos dicen? Me trae tantas memorias. ¡Me hizo sonríer! Lo compre para mis hijos.... Yay!
Hoy, es un viernes perezoso( Flojo) en mi trabajo y tengo mucho tiempo libre... ¡Yay! ¡Tiempo para escribir en el blog!
Bueno, mi primer idioma es Espanol y adoro mi idioma. Como un mujer bilingüe, yo me siento bendecida por poder comunicarme, soñar, pensar y vivir en dos idiomas diferentes. Aunque no tenga la mejor ortografia y vocabulario avanzado. 
Y como una mamá Latina, yo quería que mis niños sientan lo mismo. Quiero que ellos amen su idioma tanto como yo. Sin embargo, yo he hablado más inglés con ellos... Un gran error! Mi hija (Grecia) habló solamente español por sus primeros 3 años de su vida. Cuando empezo el pre-kinder su inglés empezo a crecer. Fue como que le encendieron el boton. Ahora, ella es bilingue.  En cambio, mi hijo (Bautista) habla más inglés y muy poco Espanol.  Me siento culpable...Fue más fácil. Fui perezosa (floja, aragana).  Me da mucha tristeza.  A si que de ahora en adelante, hago una promesa de mantener mi idioma vivo en mi Casita y hablaremos mas en Espanol! 

Encontré algunos  sitios web y  blogs que me ayudarán a tener éxito con mi nueva aventura. Espero  cualquier mamasita Latina que lea esto haga lo mismo y que mi informacion les ayude. ¡Suerte y mantegamos el Espanol vivo en nuestro hogar!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sharing a money saving tip from a momma that loves to have some extra mula! I hope you learn something and try it out!

Buenas tardes Mujeres!  

My blog time it's waiting for my father at work since we carpool.  Anyway, I would like to share this link that takes you to the rite aid website.  They have a program with your wellness card (it's free).  This program gives you money back and it's call the UP rewards.  When I lived in California, my life was so busy that I never took time to look at any offers or coupons. Now I do! And I make less money figure...Well, they have weekly products that give you money back ($1-5..or even more) when you purchase them.  That money stays in your receipt as a confirmation and then you could use in your next purchase.  Last week, I purchased 3 toothpastes for $2.99 and they gave me $6.00 dollars back.  Those $6 were used to purchase my body wash (by the way smells delicious..yummy) that also had up rewards.  So, I hope you get it. Give it a try.  For my California girls, I know time is precious over there and it seems like you never have that time.  But, do it on a Sunday or Saturday morning.  You will save some money and it's not like $500 dollars but it makes a difference... it could be for you next Caramel Machiatto at Starbucks!!! Or even a little to bit towards your next girlfriend night out... Right?  *wink wink* Mucho besitos chicas!
Here is the link:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A colorful celebration for a happy marriage....Planning ahead!

Hi ladies!  I hope your Wednesday treated you girls right.  Mine was ok.  It was raining in Utah and not having my kiddos & hubby really got to me today.  I can't image not having them forever.  Anyway, I was looking for something to cheer me up. I started thinking of my future plans: My husband and I plan to renew our wedding  vows in our 15 yr. anniversary... So, I have ways to go, but planning little by little will always help.  So, I came across the perfect cake and perfect theme for a colorful and happy marriage like mine! What do you think? of course don't expect me to look like that model... hehehe!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My new face moisturizer: Pure Vitamin E oil mixed with Rosemary! Vitamina E con Romero!

Hola Mujeres!

One of my co-workers passed me down her family beauty secret.  It actually comes from her dad, that passed away 4 years ago.  So, RIP to him and thank you for this great secret.  I did not get the honor to meet him, but my coworker said her dad looked 10- 15 years younger. She has a face of 15 year old in a 28 year old woman's body. So, as I wait at Starbucks for my Dad to arrive in SLC airport... I would like to share this with you lindas mujeres and maybe even convince my Dad to try it himself.  LOL!.  I started using it last week and so far I am loving it. My skin is always hydrated and no dry spots. It does not clog my pores like the $40 face cream I purchased from Nordstrom. I have to remember to take it back and get my $$ back. You would think Vitamin E oil, greasy! Right? Well, not really!  Rosemary.. all I think it's my hubby's great Rosemary Chicken. So hungry!   Anyway, I will get to the point.
1. A small bottle  of pure Vitamin E ( Whole foods, Natural foods store or I think even some Mexican markets have it)
2. A small branch of Rosemary ( It all depends on how big your vitamin E bottle is)--You will only need a little bit.
Open up that precious bottle and drop in some of that rosemary.  Let it sit for 1 day and it will need to stay refrigerated for freshness.  After, it has been there for one day....Guess what? You get to use it.  Leave the rosemary in there and always put it back in the fridge.  It's ok if you leave it out, but remember freshness is good!  I use it at night and in the morning before I put my make up on.  The vitamin E will help you with any blemishes as well.  You will only need a few drops and you are set to go.  Good luck queridas!  Keep on looking lindas!  Besos!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wanted to introduce my family. We love each other and accept each other for who we are! There is Grecia (6 yr old girl), Bautista ( Tita- 2 yr old boy), Chito (my hubby) and I.

Forget getting a microdermabrasion... Use baking soda to exfolliate your face!

Hello Mujeres!I started using baking soda twice a week to exfolliate my face.  Since, I moved to Utah my skin has totally changed. So, I have been trying different things.  The baking soda is helping me get rid of dull & dry skin.  Of course, I do remove my make up first.

You will need:
1. A box of baking soda
2. A small bowl- to mix in
3. A small spoon -to mix with
3. Water
Pour a small amount of baking soda mixed with water in the bowl.  You need to have to make it not waterty, because you need a soft paste.  Use all over your face and neck.  make sure to use your favorite moisturizer after it. You will see the difference in your skin after two weeks.  Let me know your results.

The Mujer Latina that was made that way!

I have been thinking how, I am so proud of the Mujer I am.  I am so proud of being Salvadorian and realizing that my culture has different backgrounds because of all my friends.  They have become part of my family and have a big place in my heart.  In these past years, I have enjoyed their culture as well.  I have learned it and embraced it.  This makes me not only Salvadorian, but makes me rich in  many cultures and knowledge.  Culture that makes me a better person with great open mind.  Thank you friends from all over the world that have made my culture full of colors.  I wrote a little poem.  Enjoy and comennt if you like....

"The Mujer Latina that was made that way!"

No matter what country I go or what state I move to... I will still be the Mujer Latina with those strong roots that will never fade away...
The Mujer Latina that was born Salvadorian and proud of being that way...
The Mujer Latina that was raised Californian and now have other cultures in my brain...
The Mujer Latina that I am, because of my past roots and my new roots that are making me that way...
Cultures that come from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and many other friends...
This mujer Latina is even stronger that way...
The mujer Latina that will continue being her...
Wherever I go and whoever I meet will make me that way...